New York City is the center of the universe just ask any New Yorker. It’s more than a location, it’s a state of mind really. This City that never sleeps where dreams are made of is about to become the place you call home.

You’ve signed your contract and now moving to a new city. You’re flying high and filled with excitement and anticipation. It’s also a time of high anxiety, change and uncertainty (trade perhaps?) make what should be a wonderful opportunity also fraught. You need guidance from experts who understand the complex, and unique nature of the estate needs of a high profile individual.

One night, short term stays, permanent residence, distance to practice facility and/or arena, living or investment – there are so many layers to purchasing a property and ESPINAL|ADLER is the most qualified team to navigate the unique and complex real estate process.

The Espinal|Adler Sports and entertainment team has taken an in depth look at each professional team market and built a robust network of knowledgeable, professional and qualified affiliates to streamline the relocation process for Athletes and Entertainers.

A quantitative look at each specific market
Our familiarity and understanding of each of these individual markets in relation to the needs of Athletes and Entertainers allows us to provide an unparalleled level of service already factoring in considerations such as practice/training facility accessibility & locations, arena proximity, security and most importantly cost and value.

Real estate should always be viewed as an investment. Any real estate agent can help you spend your money, our goal as Real Estate Advisors is to ensure your investment always makes financial sense.

Real estate traded properly is more of a financial transaction than most think – the qualitative components and emotional connection to property is relevant to values of course, but just like any financial endeavor it is the numbers, the quantitative part of a deal that must be balanced with the variables like finishes, location and size.

And because of this financial importance it is integral to your search and ultimately the negotiation that you have the right team in place to vet your real estate investments expertly whether locally, domestically or internationally.

Espinal|Adler’s Sports and Entertainment Division caters to the athlete experience. We’re built to work seamlessly with you and your financial advisors to identify the property that best meets your needs, and then negotiate the best deal possible. We’ve made it our business to understand the intricacies of your lifestyle so we can properly manage the buying and selling processes around your unique set of circumstances.


The list of specific needs for professional athletes and entertainers is significant. Unconventional hours, frequent travel, the need for discretion and privacy, distance of commute to practice facilities, stadiums and arenas -

All of these often have to come before the typical factors of neighborhood and its “prestige” --- square footage/bedroom count, amenities in the property and social access like restaurants and nightlife options (or not because you might be highly disciplined and avoid such distractions). ALL of this must be put in a hierarchy and assigned values, and experts are needed to properly analyze this for you.

Real Estate Finance

The Espinal|Adler Consultancy is the only New York City based real estate team to have its own independent Mortgage Finance Director. Services begin as an advocate and guide for each individual client, helping to ensure they choose the most cost-effective mortgage product and structure available.

Our Mortgage Finance Director has a background as a mortgage originator for 15+ years before joining our team in 2018. From the onset of your search for a new property, you are free to consult with us about financing strategies that fit in with your overall plan. This service is complimentary to all of our clients.

We’ve also aligned with tax experts who understand how to protect your assets and limit your exposure to unnecessary taxation. We confer with them to build sound strategies, especially how it relates to owning real estate.


Whether buying, renting or selling, your living situation will directly impact your carefully managed budget. If you are seeing this then you have already engaged the right managers and advisors currently available and have fine-tuned your budgets for everything from meals to housing, and training to travel. Our team of seasoned finance veterans will work closely with your advisors to craft a plan that will work within the parameters of your broader financial and real estate strategy.

Beyond your primary residence, real estate will become a part of your investment portfolio. We’ll forecast purchase options to represent best value, provide ROI projections, cash flow and invest analysis in logical and straightforward manner.

Espinal|Adler’s Sports and Entertainment Division understands have reviewed the well-known histories of the famous making ill-considered property investments and the common thread through these failures is the lack of expertise, analysis and trustworthy guidance. With proper advisory, your real estate portfolio should be amongst some of your soundest and safest alternative investments, serve as a means of generating generational wealth and be a source of pride in your overall “success” profile.


One of our greatest strengths is our reach. Whether local, national or global – operating under the Douglas Elliman brand we have coverage in every top market with liaisons in secondary DMA’s we are partnered with top agents around the globe.

New York City, LI/Hamptons, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, California, Colorado, Massachusetts and global partners are all within our purview. We are active in each of these markets, providing the most comprehensive coverage of any real estate team locally and globally. This includes our collaboration with Knight Frank (based in London) the world’s largest brokerage, Espinal|Adler leaves no potential seller and/or buyer unreached

When it comes to buying and selling luxury property our network is vast and deep. Espinal|Adler makes it a priority to reach out to our clients and network with the broadest resources to procure opportunities that are targeted and best fit your needs. This is why we are the best at what we do.

Marie Espinal

Principal & Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Espinal Adler Team At Douglas Elliman

Over the past decade, Marie has worked together with Jeff to build a real estate business in a way no other team has been able to effectively achie- ve. They have leveraged their prior career experiences to successfully bridge conventional real estate workflows with finance, media expertise and real estate advisory services. In doing so, they have created a holistic platform that fundamentally connects the major building blocks of complex real estate transactions: the understanding of debt requirements/ commitments (capital stack), compliance metrics, mortgage finance, artful ne- gotiation, and marketing at its best. It is their belief that this type of systemic methodology represents the future of new development real estate and effective project management.

Prior to her career in Real Estate, Marie‘s worked at JP Morgan for 6+ years, received comprehensive credit training that aided in developing lending strategies, overseeing financial operations, maintaining executive portfolio accounts, reviewing loans and investments, and adhering to credit regulations. During her tenure at JPM, Marie actively managed an asset-based portfolio of 6-8 syndicated credit facilities totaling over $6 billion through various financing structures, including M&A transactions, restructurings, debtor-in-possession, and exit financings. She was an integral team member participating in the various stages of the deal execution process, including structuring, performing credit analytics, negotiating terms and conditions of associated credit agreements, and pitch materials. Marie performed on-going analysis of portfolio accounts and actively managed collateral performance for existing bank loans. She liaised with investors, client management, valuation specialist, attorneys, field examiners, and corporate bankers to effectively manage accounts and resolve complex credit issues.

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Marie Espinal
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Jeff Adler

Principal & Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Espinal Adler Team At Douglas Elliman

Prior to his career in real estate, Jeff spent 17 years in media sales for print publications including Bon Appetit, TIME International and the Wall Street Journal last before making the switch. While at Dow Jones Jeff perfected his analytic style of including and giving a value to the qualitative components of every deal, specifically real estate. This analytical approach fine-tuned while in media was easily transferred and implemented successfully to real estate.

Being an information junky isn‘t just a personality quirk for Jeff but an integral factor in the service he provides because successful sales is about adaptive, chameleon like strategic thinking. The work “marriage‘ between Marie and Jeff was made in heaven with the merger of their two distinctive skillsets delivering an exacting balance between quantitative and qualitive thinking.

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Jeff Adler
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Matthew Jablonski

Mortgage Finance Director

Espinal Adler Team At Douglas Elliman

Matt Jablonski spent 15 years as a loan officer, perennially amongst the top 1 % originators in the country. His ability to quickly “red flag“ issues that typically derail a mortgage application was pivotal to his success. After diagnosing a problem, Matt consistently found ways to get a tough deal done, either through a loan restructure that was acceptable to the client or through a lender exception process. Now, a licensed real estate salesperson and Mortgage Finance Director with the Espinal Adler Team, Matt can help identify preferred loan officers who can be counted on to do the same for purchasers buying in your project. He‘ll tell you who has the ability to think creatively enough to restructure a deal that might be falling apart; Which loan officer‘s will get answers from underwriting in advance of going into contract with a buyer whose income, asset, or credit profile comes with questions; And he‘ll tell you which loan officers will consistently put together a quality application, a major factor in process efficiency and ultimately the project‘s sales velocity.

Having originated more than 2,000 loans in his career, Matt can independently vet each preapproval that a potential buyer provides, preventing a sponsor from going into contract with an unqualified buyer; another event that would undoubtedly slow the velocity of sales. Prior to his real estate and mortgage career, Matt was a journalist, spending time as a sports reporter at Newsday and on Capitol Hill where he covered the space and satellite industry for Communications Daily. Matt is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

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Matthew Jablonski
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